Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dungeons and Depression

Written 8/29/16
Hello my nonexistent readers! Have you ever noticed that Arizona's southern style sweet tea tastes like it has a very subtle hint of what might be lemon? My boyfriend asked me to listen to a group called Walk the Moon, apparently they did that song Shut Up And Dance. My friend is coming over to stay the weekend, she has all these sensitivities and stuff. Her parents don't really get her at all, but because of all of the weird stuff she has going on she has to stay home. But since my Mom is like the patron saint of teenagers, she understands my friend.
I've been working on cleaning up my horde, getting all of the old food and garbage out, sweeping the newly revealed floor. But in between I've also been expanding the depth of the Dungeons and Dragons world I've been building. I started it during the school year, but with all of the senior stuff it kinda fell by the wayside. 

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