Monday, November 2, 2015

How to Sew a Basic Hanging Banner

This week I managed to finally finish the banners my Mom asked me to make. It took me a while but I'm actually starting to get the hang of the whole 'sewing with a machine' thing. Anyway, on to the important stuff!

I started out with a basic rectangle, if you're looking for a specific size I basically just cut the size I thought I'd need adding between 2/3 and 3/4 of an inch (there should be a unit converter at the bottom of the page for those of you on the metric system, please leave a comment if you have trouble). I know it might seem like a lot of room, but I know I tend to be nit picky and impatient (not a fun combo).

I did my seam allowances by eye, then placed pins on the top and bottom of the area of the seam.

After I settled the top directly under the presser foot and lowered said presser foot, I took out the top pin. I did my best to keep the line of thread on both layers of the folded fabric.

I did the same basic process of folding and pinning for the next side. I chose to go clockwise here, but really I probably should have done the longer sides first. You may be wondering why I have scissors in the photo, that is because I didn't like the idea of posting a picture with me in it, even if it is something as unexciting as a my index finger.

Next I flipped the fabric around and did the other long side the exact same way.

The last side was a little bit more tricky than the others. I used my favorite mechanical pencil to determine where I would place the other pins.

With the pins in place I took the pencil out, and did what I did with all the other 3 sides; I sewed a line straight across from pin to pin.

You might be questioning why the thread is red on the front and black in back, that's because of the hard time I was having putting in the bobbin. I got frustrated so I used a different color bobbin thread to provide contrast.

I made three of these exact types of flags with different colors, along with the horrible first flag I did. Here's the other flag that was made of the same kind of fabric but in a bluish teal color:

I changed the stitch because I was curious about what that stitch setting actually looked like. I found that the jagged zigzagging felt more sturdy in comparison to the straight line that I'd used before. The third flag is made of an orange satin, a material I hardly knew what to do with but didn't have the time to look up:

I now have the four finished flags, including my horrid first attempt, on a string from an old hoodie. I have one more flag to make, which will be harder than it sounds. Here's what the four lined up look like:

Have questions? Concerns? Criticisms? Please leave a comment. I'd love to make this blog better, and I can only do that with your feedback.

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