Sunday, October 11, 2015

The First 10 Minutes

Well... I opened the box with my first sewing machine in it. It's a Singer 9960 my Mom bought me off amazon. Before I could open it my Mother required that I watch a tutorial off Youtube, here's a link in case anybody is interested:

So I watched it plus the 2nd video, and then promptly went to examine what the machine came with, look at all the doohickies and moving parts. That's when I did something that I good people basically NEVER do. I began not only reading the instruction manual, but I even read through the warnings on the inside front cover. There wasn't quite enough light to see all the parts so I attempted to turn on the light behind me, the bulb was broken so I used the light from the lamp on the other side of the room instead.

At this point having read all of the basic, what it comes with, what the parts are, stuff like that; I decided I'd try to turn the machine on. I plugged the chord into the machine then the outlet, and flipped the switch. NOTHING.

I try all of the standard stuff the cable guy will tell you over the phone when your box is malfunctioning. Nothing will seem to make the machine work. I was about ready to throw something. I'd even tried plugging in the foot pedal, even though it specifically said on multiple websites I looked at that the foot pedal wasn't required. Feeling mildly defeated I referenced the manual again, going to the problems solution chart in the back. The only thing it told me that I didn't already do was that I had my foot pedal up. Although I also learned that the spindle thing for the bobbin couldn't be moved to the right, but that was irrelevant given I hadn't moved it from it's leftwards locked position.

After an ungodly amount of time failing completely to even turn on the machine, I had a sudden realization related to the assumption I made which you can see if you scroll to look at the last sentence of the paragraph bellow the youtube link. After slightly panicking and completely failing to turn on my sewing machine I realized, that the outlet was busted. THE OUTLET!! Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go re-watch that freaking video, so I can thread this bobbin properly.

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